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What we do

Services to support administrators


Empower short-cycle observations​​

Looking for support?

Our consultants will visit your site and work with you to hone your observation and feedback processes.  With your team and our software, we can identify high needs areas for professional development and support the delivery of that pd to your staff.


Take notes

Our software enables fast dynamic note taking in the classroom to gather evidence of instruction.


Review your notes and identify relevant domains for analysis.




Clicking a series of buttons will capture important  quantitative data from your notes and allow you to attach ratings based on your custom performance rubric.


Press print and receive an immediate narrative report of the observation ready for teacher review.

"Thank you for creating this....

Facylitate is improving my teacher feedback!"


Support Learning

Our resources are matched to performance indicators allowing you to make intelligent choices and recommend high impact interventions to support teacher growth. Our proprietary algorithms measure the effectiveness of the resources and track their implementation over time.

Our data reports highlight high needs areas in your building and identify the groups of teachers that may benefit from targeted professional development. 


You want to lead your teachers to improve outcomes for your students!


Leadership is exciting but there are tremendous demands on our time.  The clinical observation process takes significant time to follow with integrity. but we know our recommendations to the teacher help teachers grow.  


The time to write reports is daunting making it challenging to offer timely feedback to teachers. Feedback given long after an observation seems less relevant to teachers and is unlikely to produce significant growth.


The Facylitate tool-kit supports timely corageous conversations, prompt feedback, and provides immediate reporting.


Working together with teachers across the globe we are building a library of resources and effective recommendations.  We are enabling school building leaders to build capacity across content areas to support teacher growth.


Our resources are matched to performance indicators allowing you to make intelligent choices and recommend high impact interventions. The messages to staff are varied based on the individual teacher's level of need.

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